Belly Dancer

My short experience with belly dancing landed me a 1st place in a local competition.

I painted this piece at the start of the pandemic. Like many of us, I was searching for ways to distract me from the confused and uncertain situation we were all thrown into. My daughter was forced to return home from her job in Cambodia and our nuclear family had to learn to live with each other under the same roof again, as adults. My daughter loves to dance and was spending a lot of her time taking on-line free lessons in various styles. It connected me with my love for dancing and the idea for “The Belly Dancer” came up.

As a child, I took lessons in ballet and modern dance. As an adult I became more curious and adventurous and took lessons in Latin, African, tap and belly dancing. At one point, I got enough courage to compete in our neighborhood “Gong Show”, with a short belly dance performance. Well....I won 1st place!!

In this painting I honor the belly dancer. I chose the colors and the pose of the dancer to express the beauty and the difficulty of this ancient dance form. Belly dancing is common in many cultures around the world. It is believed to have been created for women only, to prepare them for fertility and marriage, not to entertain men. I bring the dancer closer to the viewer to feel the difficulty and strain of this pose.