Flamenco Attitude

“Flamenco Attitude” is an expression of form and friendship.

I met Daniela through social media. Immediately I connected with her because of her warm, positive and welcoming personality as well as our common experience as teachers. Daniela is a flamenco dancer and has a dance studio in Orlando, Florida. We were both struggling to maintain our passion to our art during the pandemic. From the videos and imaged she posted on social media I could tell that she is a talented dancer and a successful teacher.

Our short virtual relationship during the pandemic time inspired me to pull out my watercolors and paint “Flamenco Attitude”. Although I often paint with acrylic, I felt that the gentle flow of pigment through the water as well as the “splash” of energy would be a more appropriate media for the dance pose.  The photograph that inspired me the most was an old black and white image of Daniela that focuses on her face and hands. Although the face in the artwork resembles Daniela’s, my painting is about the expressive movement and energy of the flamenco dance.