Innuendo: Flamenco

I painted "Innuendo: Flamenco" to depict the relationship between music and movement. The music moves the dancer and the dancer adds passion and energy to the musician. Although I have never been to Spain I used the Spanish flamenco because I find this type of dance very dramatic and beautiful.

This innuendo between guitarist (Paco de Lucia) and dancer exists in many types of art forms. When I took ballet lessons as a kid, we had a live pianist in the studio. Dancing to live music was more energetic and effective than recorded music. An African drummer playing live provides powerful energy and consistent beat to dancers in this very energetic dance form. Dancing late at night at a local dive to the sound of a live band helps the musicians play better and keep their energy till the late night hours. Being married to a life-long rock-n'-roller....I know.

This original is 30x24x1.5 inches, acrylic on canvas, gallery style.