Windsurfing during the Pandemic

Ever wondered how/why artists choose to paint a specific subject?   

I just completed a series of action seascapes. As summer was approaching and the pandemic was still forcing us to stay away from public places, I started yearning for places I would rather be and combined with nostalgia, I came up with the windsurfing theme.   

Years ago, before the responsibilities of parenthood and family, I loved windsurfing and went out whenever the conditions were right--and often when they were not. I loved the exhilaration of harnessing the power of the wind to move me.  It was water, wind, sun, and I all alone. I cannot lie; there were many moments of fear and exhaustion when I felt that the wind was getting too strong as my muscles felt too weak to keep me going. But that is what made it fun: being part of nature and using its power to move me and then safely return me to my everyday life.   

In these 3 paintings I tried to capture the speed, the physical aspect of the activity and the interaction between nature and human. In Wind Speed (left) I focused on the tension between the surfer, the water and the wind, not so much on the sea. In Hanging On (middle), it is more about navigating through a rising sea and the interaction between a fellow windsurfer, the wave and the increasing wind speed.  In The Groove is all about extreme conditions of surfing through huge waves, a situation I can only dream of since I never achieved such technique.   

I hope these paintings will carry your thought into exciting places. I would love to hear where my art took you.